Artificial Intelligence for the Automated Simulation Data Analysis in Vehicle Development

The development of new vehicles in automotive industry heavily relies on the intensive usage of numerical simulation. Developers are supported in the execution of the simulations by so-called Simulation Process & Data Management (SPDM) systems. In addition the qualified evaluation, analysis and plausibilization of the simulation results now will be done the first time systematically by Artificial Intelligence in form of an expert system, which has been integrated in the SPDM of a German premium automotive OEM by ANDATA. The interpretation of the tedious standard evaluations is taken over by AI. The simulation results are prepared in a way, that the engineers are able to focus their power only to the relevant and interesting evaluations and interpretations.

Technical details as well as the potential for efficiency increases in the quality processes for the simulations have been presented yesterday at the Virtual Car Body Conference 2017 in Bad Nauheim.

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