Industry 4.0

"Industry 4.0" is the common buzzword for all the topics concerning the upcoming fourth industrial revolution, which leads to "intelligent factories" by the application of networking and information technologies in manufacturing. The technology is based on socalled cyber-physical-systems and the internet of things.

The field comprises numerous application examples für the successful application of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Development and calibration of any kind of control for autonomous robots in arbitrary applications like driverless transport systems
  • Miscellaneous robotic applications according robotics, like collision avoidance for an improved human/machine-interaction
  • Scenariobased approaches for the optimization of productions processes under various conditions
  • Cooperative, conneted control for the coordination of different production cells
  • Anomalie detection in production processes
  • Prediction of use based maintenance intervals
  • Swarm intelligence for the coordination of different (mobile) robots equivalent to the VERONET approach
  • ...