Conference Announcements for May 2022

In May 2022, live events and conferences will finally start again, at which ANDATA will be present directly on site.

The first event will be the 35th VDI Conference for Driver Assistance Systems and Automated Driving on May 17th in Aachen. There, ANDATA will present the project COPE - Collective Perception and its solutions for the cooperative avoidance of collisions and dangers with vulnerable road users utilizing C-ITS communication.

It continues on May 19th at the SafetyWeek 2022 in Würzburg with a talk about the "Criticality assessment of driving situations for ADAS Level 2". ANDATA will report in depth on various possibilities of how exactly collision and danger avoidance mathematically works and can be evaluated.

Finally ANDATA is invited to represent the approaches of the projects COPE and DIGEST with digital twins and the cooperative sharing of information in several Special Interest Sessions at the ITS Europe Congress 2022 in Toulouse, beginning at May 30th.

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