Start of Connecting Austria

In the course of the Transport Research Arena 2018 the project Connecting Austria, the Austrian flagship project for automated driving, has officially been presented for the first time. The project integrates the major stakeholders from the Austrian community with strong European connections.

Technical content of Connecting Austria will be the development and assessment of cooperative, connected, (semi-)automated driving, like it may come in the form of platooning. One of the major innovations will be the strict top-down and scenario-based approach with a strong focus on the infrastruture support for automated driving.

Within the project ANDATA will be responsible for the research and development part. Further information can be found at

ANDATA at the Transport Research Arena 2018 in Vienna

During the next week you can meet ANDATA at the Transport Research Arena 2018 in Vienna

  • at the presentation of the holistic validation concept for automated driving from the project WienZWA, which will be followed up by "Connecting Austria",
  • at the A3PS cubicle in the Austrian booth E04,
  • at the Marketplace,
  • in the B2B meetings,
  • in the expert sessions on Tuesday afternoon in the Austrian Village.

Furthermore you can come to know everything about the Austrian lead project for automated driving "Connecting Austria". The whole consortium will be available for questions and discussions.

ANDATA has been voted as Salzburg's gamechanger #2

(C) WKS/Neumayer

The chamber of commerce has pulled all their GameChangers from Salzburg in front of a camera and presented the results during their exibition in summer 2017. ANDATA is proud for being voted as number 2 beside numerous prominent competitors. Our photographer Richard Ronacher obviously did a good job in putting our VERONET AI engine for safe and congestion free traffic automation into the picture.

Artificial Intelligence for the Automated Simulation Data Analysis in Vehicle Development

The development of new vehicles in automotive industry heavily relies on the intensive usage of numerical simulation. Developers are supported in the execution of the simulations by so-called Simulation Process & Data Management (SPDM) systems. In addition the qualified evaluation, analysis and plausibilization of the simulation results now will be done the first time systematically by Artificial Intelligence in form of an expert system, which has been integrated in the SPDM of a German premium automotive OEM by ANDATA. The interpretation of the tedious standard evaluations is taken over by AI. The simulation results are prepared in a way, that the engineers are able to focus their power only to the relevant and interesting evaluations and interpretations.

Technical details as well as the potential for efficiency increases in the quality processes for the simulations have been presented yesterday at the Virtual Car Body Conference 2017 in Bad Nauheim.

ANDATA Presentation "Simulation Based Development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Automated Driving with the Help of Machine Learning" now Online

Our presentation from the MATLAB Expo 2017 with the title "Simulation Based Development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Automated Driving Functions with the Help of Machine Learning" is now available online as video at the MathworksTM website.

There you can find a long version as well as a short version. Since it is in German, interested persons can request an English presentation from

We thank the audience for the *****-rating!


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